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At  Recipe Café, our stakeholders include our customers, employees, investors and the community. We believe we have an ethical obligation to do good in all activities associated with the Recipe Café brand, and give back to the community in all our brand efforts.


We are dedicated to using only products and materials that do not harm the environment. We have a comprehensive recycling program that all our employees adhere to, and ensures that we reduce waste and help the environment. From our ethically sourced coffee beans to our comprehensive in-house recycling program, Recipe Café is part of the global movement committed to reducing harm to our environment.



At  Recipe Café, Along with our customers, employees make up a fundamental part of our business. Without quality employees, Recipe Café will cease to function. At Recipe Café, all our employees undergo regular, on-the-job training so that they can grow to their fullest potential. Before joining the company, all our employees go through a thorough vetting process to ensure we only hire the best people. We are very proud of our team of hard workers who are experts in brewing coffee, and believe in their growth and potential.





Every great company needs great leadership. In order to do this, Recipe Café believes in having accountable and transparent leadership.

At Recipe Café, we aim to make communication accessible to all members of our team, including coffeehouse employees to managers. We believe in a strong sense of trust among the Recipe Café team, from coffeehouse workers to managers. It is crucial for team members to trust their managers, and for their managers to trust their team members. We make responsibility and accountability a core part of our every day processes.

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