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Recipe Café is a coffee house that delights the senses, serving expertly brewed and ethically sourced coffee and array of tasty pastries and sweets. Our house special coffee is also available for sale in stores.



Originating from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we have a passion for serving the highest quality, ethically sourced coffee. Recipe Café’s dedication to brand excellence can be seen, felt and experienced whenever our customers step into our store. Our laid-back, café-styled atmosphere allows customers to enjoy a truly unique experience.



At Recipe Café, our stakeholders include our customers, employees, investors and the community. We believe we have an ethical obligation to do good in all activities associated with the Recipe Café brand, and give back to the community in all our brand efforts.




Recipe Café Brand Philosophy consists of our brand fundamentals of excellence and our Social Responsibility Framework – Ethically Sourced Coffee Beans, Care for the Environment, Accountable and Transparent Leadership and Invest in People.


Recipe Café is founded upon several core brand fundamentals – excellence, social responsibility, ethically sourced coffee beans, accountable and transparent leadership and investing in people. Throughout all our activities, we always keep these three brand fundamentals in mind. These three brand fundamentals motivate us to provide our customers with the best experience possible.



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